The Furyck Saga Playlist


I’m writing again, which means I’m on the hunt for new musical inspiration, which got me thinking about old musical inspiration. Certain pieces of music still bring me to tears even now, this many months out from finishing Vale of the Gods. So, for those of you who a) loved The Furyck Saga and b) love a good soundtrack, I thought I would put together a playlist of some of the music that inspired me while I was writing the series. Some are long-time favourites. Others I stumbled across randomly. Many I’ve never even seen the movie or tv show they’re from. But each one of them sparked an idea, leading me down a path I hadn’t foreseen, or towards a better way to write a certain scene.

And what pieces make me cry? You must want to know that, right? Two of the pieces I listened to while writing the epic finale: Brothers in Arms and Let it End. I like to walk my dogs in the morning and listen to music, hoping to get my creative juices flowing before I sit down to write. And on the day I listened to those two pieces, I saw everything that was going to happen in a flash. It was like watching a movie. And I hated it. But I knew it had to be. I’m sure those people passing me by wondered why I was crying.

And please, if you have any recommendations for soundtracks, leave a comment, drop me a line or post on Facebook. I’m always looking for suggestions!

Back to writing for me. Enjoy the playlist.


And stay safe out there.


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