Home of the Hunted (Book 3)

Someone is seeking to destroy the Furycks, but who?

As Axl works on strengthening Brekka’s defenses, he discovers he has more enemies than he realised. Help arrives in the form of a dreamer, though he doesn’t know the woman, so how can he trust her? Yet, with so much at stake, how can he not?

After a disastrous time on the island of Aggralaia, Edela finds a new ally, and just in time. With his help, she travels to the Fire Lands, once again forced to flee for her life. Hunted by the determined band of Siluran warriors, she must make a stand to free herself of her pursuers once and for all.

And Jael comes face to face with her true enemy. Though vulnerable and weak, there is little she can do to stop the man from achieving his goal.

He has claimed her.

Now he will kill her.


Jael’s dreams continue to haunt her as she sails for Brekka…

In Andala, Axl is threatened by a mysterious enemy and by the spies in his fort, who have plans he has yet to uncover. Forced to take action when things go awry, he sets his sights on an aggressive approach to root out the traitors in his kingdom. Though such a bold strategy will have ramifications, as he only discovers after it’s too late.

Safely on board Bone Hammer, Jael enjoys a chance to recover from all that happened on S’ala Nis, though she remains uneasy, sharing a growing feeling with Mattie that something is wrong. Their dreams uncover no clues, but that worry lingers until, finally, the horrifying truth is revealed.

After the shocking events in Castala, Edela’s journey must continue. She fears exposing her companions to more danger, though she feels certain she cannot turn around, cannot find a way back. The only way now, in her mind, is onwards, but what will that mean, and who will come with her?

And in Angard, Amma, Gisila, and Getta have finally arrived at the wedding of Freya Valens and Karsten Dragos, which is a happy, festive time until something goes wrong.

Something that will change the very future of Brekka itself…

Home of the Hunted is the third book in the Fate of the Furycks series. Perfect for fans of action-packed epic fantasy, it weaves mysterious threads around epic battles, warring kingdoms, magical dreamers and dangerous enemies intent on revenge.


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