Eye of the Wolf (Book 1)

Spurred on by his king’s warnings, Lord Reinar Vilander sails away from Ottby, looking for women to sell as slaves. Because the gods have taken his luck. Stolen it away. And just when he needs to strengthen his fortress to help the king, he has no silver and not enough men. For what man wants to fight for an unlucky lord, abandoned by the gods? Only those who seek silver. So Reinar needs to find a defenseless village, somewhere he can raid…

Alys de Sant has secrets. Some she keeps herself; others are hidden from her. Alys needs secrets because secrets will keep her safe. That’s what her grandfather told her. That’s why he made her hide who she really was, knowing that her life depended upon it. Yet Alys longs to be free. Free from her husband, who is cruel to her. Free from their small village, bordered by a long beach, where she likes to walk every morning with her children. Even free from her best friend, Stina, who is walking down the beach beside her, listening to the hungry gulls swirling above their heads, tasting snow on the wind, unaware that anything is wrong until Alys spins around, running, screaming, as the raiders round the headland, axes in the air, charging towards them…

So begins Eye of the Wolf, the captivating first volume in a new epic fantasy series set in the world of The Furyck Saga. Discover a cast of richly woven characters and an emotionally charged, action-packed adventure to get stuck into!

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A woman with more secrets than she realises.

A lord who has lost his luck.

A kingdom on the verge of war as vengeful lords fight to claim its throne.

Order can only reign over chaos for so long, and now, twenty years after claiming the Alekkan throne, King Ake Bluefinn once again has a fight on his hands. His enemies are stirring in the North, old resentments flaring, vengeance on their minds. The dreamers see what is coming, warning the king of a trouble greater than any he has faced, raising fears of unimaginable destruction and a winter colder than any that has come before.


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