The Shadow Isle (Book 1)


In Jael’s dream, she is dead. Her brothers, Axl and Raymon, too.

They are Furycks, rulers of kingdoms, heirs to the dynasty that has commanded Brekka for over eight hundred years, though Jael wakes from her dream with the chilling certainty that their end is coming.

She urgently seeks out her grandmother, Edela, certain that the wise dreamer will have answers. Though unable to find her, Jael’s path soon leads back to the home of her nightmares, then away from Osterland entirely, taking her to a place she fears she may never return from.

And in the shadows her enemy waits, knowing that finally, after all this time, a reckoning is coming…

The Shadow Isle is the first book in the enthralling epic fantasy series, Fate of the Furycks. Beginning after The Furyck Saga ends, we follow Jael and her companions on a mysterious new adventure, where she is hunted by an enemy cloaked in darkness, whose identity she must uncover if she is to save her family in time.

Author’s note: It isn’t necessary to have read The Furyck Saga. It provides greater context, but Fate of the Furycks stands as a series in its own right. So please, enjoy either way!


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