The Raven’s Warning (Book 5)

The Raven’s Warning is the fifth book in the enthralling epic fantasy series, The Furyck Saga.

Escaping Hallow Wood with a wounded Thorgils, Aleksander and Jael find themselves stuck in Harstad, desperate to get the Book of Aurea back to Andala before the dragur find them again.

Waiting in Hest for Eadmund, Evaine is oblivious to everyone’s worry over Morana, who is showing little sign of recovering. Jaeger is panicking, knowing that without someone to read the Book of Darkness, they are defenseless, vulnerable to an attack from Draguta, should she return.

In Andala, the sickness has taken hold, and more and more people are being carried into the ship sheds each day. Helpless to contain it, Axl and Gant are working hard to repair the fort; making plans to meet the Vandaals; unaware that a new enemy has emerged to threaten them all.

And, still bound to Evaine, Eadmund is on his way to be reunited with her when he hears another voice in his head, calling to him…

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