Mark of the Hunter (Book 2)

On the journey to find her children, Alys becomes convinced that someone or something is following her, though her visions are blocked as she desperately searches for an answer before it’s too late.


At Slussfall, Jonas and Vik must find a way into the fort to rescue Lotta, though with enemies lurking behind those old walls, to do so will risk their lives.


And back in Ottby, the king has given Reinar a mission that has him doubting what he is capable of. He wants to rise and prove himself worthy, but what lengths will he go to to keep his oath?


Mark of the Hunter is the second book in The Lords of Alekka epic fantasy series. Set in the world of The Furyck Saga, it features a new cast of richly woven characters and an emotionally charged, action-packed adventure to get stuck into!


The Lords of Alekka continues with this action-packed second volume…

Trapped in the forest, surrounded by vengeful gods and evil spirits, Hakon Vettel is dying. His dreams of the Alekkan throne in tatters, he must fight for his life while those around him plot their next move.


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