Introducing myself

Hello, I’m Amy!

I live in Auckland, New Zealand, and have done for three quarters of my life. The other quarter was spent in England, where my kids were born. I have three of those and they’re very cool. I’m a bit demented and thought it would be a good idea to have them a year or so apart. I’m still recovering from that misguided notion, but am convinced that a month in Bora Bora would set me right!

Speaking of travelling, as much as I crave a tropical island escape, you’re far more inclined to find me hankering after snow. We don’t have any of that in Auckland – not a drop! And, although it did snow occasionally in dear old England, I’m still looking for the up-to-your-window sort of snow experience. I come from Viking stock (my grandmother was Swedish), so maybe that’s why I have always craved the cold, white stuff. In fact my husband and I bonded over our love of scarves.

‘Twas love at first discussion about the pleasure of a good scarf!

When I’m not writing, you’ll find me...


Other than that, I run a graphic design business with my husband. Funnily enough we always thought it would be fun to design a book cover oneday, not necessarily thinking it would be my book covers. But, it’s one of the most enjoyable projects we’ve worked on together. The cover artwork is a real team effort and I have to say, I’m pretty pleased with what we’ve come up with so far.

Sometimes, I actually step away from my computer, nod towards my children, let my dogs lick me, and then I fall asleep (but never for long enough!).

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"This was a totally gripping read, from start to finish, I didn’t want to put it down, my only disappointment was that I have to wait for the next installment. If you like historical fantasy, you’ll love this book"
Gill Trewickon
Amazon Reviewer


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