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The Lords of Alekka

Eye of the Wolf (Book 1)

A woman with more secrets than she realises.

A lord who has lost his luck.

A kingdom on the verge of war as vengeful lords fight to claim its throne.

Order can only reign over chaos for so long, and now, twenty years after claiming the Alekkan throne, King Ake Bluefinn once again has a fight on his hands. His enemies are stirring in the North, old resentments flaring, vengeance on their minds. The dreamers see what is coming, warning the king of a trouble greater than any he has faced, raising fears of unimaginable destruction and a winter colder than any that has come before.

Mark of the Hunter (Book 2)

Trapped in the forest, surrounded by vengeful gods and evil spirits, Hakon Vettel is dying. His dreams of the Alekkan throne in tatters, he must fight for his life while those around him plot their next move.

On the journey to find her children, Alys becomes convinced that someone or something is following her, though her visions are blocked as she desperately searches for an answer before it’s too late.

Blood of the Raven (Book 3)

We head North!

It is time to get lost in the land of the forgotten. Time to explore Alekka’s Northern realm in search of that which is missing…

Abandoned by the sun, shunned by the Father of the Gods himself, the North is a wild place; a brutally cold land, where ambitious lords keep their followers warm with tales of how they will be the one to claim the prized crown of Alekka. Stories woven on stormy nights, sung around blazing fires over cups of ale, tell of the one who will unite the two halves of the broken land. They whisper of the Bear Stone, where the prophecy of that man’s coming was etched two thousand years ago.

But who will it be?

And who will survive?

Not everyone.

Not everyone will survive the coming war…

Heart of the King (Book 4)

Having heard Gudrum’s threats and Alys’ warnings, Reinar is desperate to head South, back to his family. Though he must be patient. His army is far behind him, and Reinar knows he’ll need every pair of hands to get their fleet back home.

Waiting with his brother, Sigurd is looking forward to his reunion with Raf, unaware that she is now with Gudrum. And though Raf didn’t return to Gudrum willingly, she is still struggling, unable to decide where her true loyalties lie.

In Orvala, Tarl’s dreamer is dying, though he can find no way to help her. His city is a mess, his people are wounded and grieving, but he is consumed by his fears for an unresponsive Mirella.

And in Stornas, Ake Bluefinn farewells his family and readies his army to head to Ottby.

His dreamer may have foretold his end, but the King of Alekka is ready to fight.