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The Lords of Alekka

Eye of the Wolf (Book 1)

Twenty years after King Ake Bluefinn fought his way to power, the heir to the evil dynasty he defeated is making moves, seeking to reclaim the ancient throne.

But first, he plans to capture Ottby, a strategic fort protecting the bridge to Alekka’s capital. Ottby, ruled by Reinar Vilander, an unlucky lord whose gods have spurned him and whose men are leaving in droves, making his fort vulnerable to an attack.

Sensing the imminent danger, Reinar and his brother, Sigurd, go raiding, hoping to turn their fortunes around, for if they can fill their empty coffers, they can tempt more men to mount Ottby’s walls. Though in the small fishing village of Ullaberg, Reinar finds a treasure greater than any silver or slaves.

He finds Alys de Sant. A beautiful, mysterious dreamer.

A woman gifted foresight and magic by the gods, prized by lords and kings alike.

But now that Reinar has captured her, will she help him save his fort before it’s too late?

Mark of the Hunter (Book 2)

Trapped in the forest, surrounded by vengeful gods and evil spvirits, Hakon Vettel is dying. His dreams of the Alekkan throne in tatters, he must fight for his life while those around him plot their next move.

On the journey to find her children, Alys becomes convinced that someone or something is following her, though her visions are blocked as she desperately searches for an answer before it’s too late.

At Slussfall, Jonas and Vik must find a way into the fort to rescue Lotta, though with enemies lurking behind those old walls, to do so will risk their lives.

And back in Ottby, the king has given Reinar a mission that has him doubting what he is capable of. He wants to rise and prove himself worthy, but what lengths will he go to to keep his oath?

Blood of the Raven (Book 3)

We head North!

It is time to get lost in the land of the forgotten. Time to explore Alekka’s Northern realm in search of that which is missing…

Abandoned by the sun, shunned by the Father of the Gods himself, the North is a wild place; a brutally cold land, where ambitious lords keep their followers warm with tales of how they will be the one to claim the prized crown of Alekka. Stories woven on stormy nights, sung around blazing fires over cups of ale, tell of the one who will unite the two halves of the broken land. They whisper of the Bear Stone, where the prophecy of that man’s coming was etched two thousand years ago.

But who will it be?

And who will survive?

Not everyone.

Not everyone will survive the coming war…

Heart of the King (Book 4)

Having heard Gudrum’s threats and Alys’ warnings, Reinar is desperate to head South, back to his family. Though he must be patient. His army is far behind him, and Reinar knows he’ll need every pair of hands to get their fleet back home.

Waiting with his brother, Sigurd is looking forward to his reunion with Raf, unaware that she is now with Gudrum. And though Raf didn’t return to Gudrum willingly, she is still struggling, unable to decide where her true loyalties lie.

In Orvala, Tarl’s dreamer is dying, though he can find no way to help her. His city is a mess, his people are wounded and grieving, but he is consumed by his fears for an unresponsive Mirella.

And in Stornas, Ake Bluefinn farewells his family and readies his army to head to Ottby.

His dreamer may have foretold his end, but the King of Alekka is ready to fight.

Fury of the Queen (Book 5)

The Lords of Alekka continues with this riveting fifth volume…

Four months after the Battle of Tromsund, the Alekkan landscape looks very different.

Reinar has taken his people to Slussfall, where winter’s grip remains strong. There is no sign of Ulfinnur, God of Winter, and he fears that Alari has captured him, intending to keep the sea permanently frozen. For if the sea remains frozen, no ships can sail to Oss, seeking the help of the Islanders. And without the Islanders, Reinar can’t risk leaving the security of Slussfall’s walls to fight an enemy that outnumbers him two to one.

In Stornas, Hector is the king, victorious in his defeat of Ake Bluefinn, though with winter raging and the comforts of his castle proving so tempting, he is hesitant to take the fight to the Vilanders. His ever-loyal ally, Gudrum, has grown frustrated, sensing that Hector is in danger of losing the impetus in the fight to conquer all of Alekka. He urges action, wanting the king’s dreamer, Gysa, to support him. Though Gysa has her own plans. Plans that not even Alari, Goddess of Dreamers, knows about.

Plans that will soon upend everything…

Wrath of the Sun (Book 6)

We are at the end of the series, and it is time to choose sides…

After three months of relative peace, Alekka is about to be jolted by a seismic shift, for ambitious lords and vengeful gods have only been biding their time, choosing their allies, hiding from their enemies, deciding when to make their move. And that time is now.

In Stornas, Reinar is feeling strong, working and training with vigour, imposing his authority on those around him, though internally, he is beset by fears. The threat of Alari grows each day, and though he carries himself with confidence, wanting to assure his people of their safety, Reinar knows it is only a matter of time until the goddess makes an appearance.

Far away from Reinar, Alys is trying to turn her life around, though a terrible secret preys on her mind. She hasn’t told anyone – not even Stina – though the arrival of an unexpected visitor forces her to finally reveal what she has done.

Sigurd is lost, far in the North, where he’s been desperately trying to do what his father wanted. But to what end and at what cost? He is not alone on his journey, and though his friends want to help him, he wonders how much longer they can remain hidden from Alari and Eskvir and those who wish to kill them?

And in Orvala, Mirella has concealed the Sun Torc from her enemies, plotting with Eskvir, hiding their plans from Tarl Brava, knowing that as soon as its power is ignited, Alekka will never be the same again.

Wrath of the Sun is the final book in the Lords of Alekka epic fantasy series. I hope you enjoy it!