My new series begins… with a sneak peek!

I’m really excited to announce that my new book, Eye of the Wolf, is available for pre-sale on Amazon. Right now!

So yes, I’ve been working away through the pandemic, from my little bubble, and now I have a story, a title, a cover and a new series (The Lords of Alekka) to get stuck into. And in a few months, so will you!

Now when I say I’m excited, I genuinely am surprised by just how excited I feel about this book. After the epic ending to The Furyck Saga, I felt bereft, wondering how I could leave those characters behind and embrace new ones; worried that I wouldn’t be able to fall in love with strangers. But I’m happy to report that those strangers have already become beloved friends. I love and hate them with a passion, and I really can’t wait to discover what happens next!

As usual, the book ran away from me like a wild horse, taking me in all sorts of directions I hadn’t planned, so I quite literally have no idea what’s in store for book number two. But I couldn’t be happier as that’s what I love so much about my job: going on adventures with absolutely no idea how they’re going to turn out.

Please do check out the Amazon page and have a read of the blurb which will hopefully get you just as excited as I am!


Take care, and as a treat, here’s a peek at the Prologue…


‘I can help you.’

Hakon wasn’t sure. He sucked in his cheeks, considering the woman. She was ancient. Round, like a full ball of yarn; wiry, short grey hair curling around a mean face. Eyes dark with a look of madness. Skin as leathery as his oldest helmsman.

A dreamer.

‘You wish to fight for me?’ Hakon laughed as the woman twitched impatiently in her chair, eyes never leaving his face.

They considered him as though he were a plate of veal.

She licked her hairy lips. ‘You are young, Hakon Vettel. Not as stupid as some. More ambitious than most. Yet you have no sight. How will your dreams come true if you cannot see?’

Hakon frowned, edging forward in his own chair, ignoring the angry spitting of the fire beside them, listening to the roar of the wind as it lifted the wooden tiles off the hall roof. ‘No sight?

‘I have vision that goes beyond your walls. Ears that hear more than your spies. I dream of what is yet to come. I see enemies who have not yet appeared. And you, Hakon Vettel, have more enemies than you realise.’ She sucked in a rasping breath. ‘They will crush you before you’ve even seen it coming. Wreck your ambitions before they are fully realised. Without my help, you have no hope of becoming the king your father wanted to be.’

Hakon watched the dreamer’s eyes turn to the flames, darkening even further; glowing now. ‘And if you help me, what do you seek in return?’

She smiled. ‘What do I want?’ And tapping her fingers on her knees, she glanced at him suddenly, eyes aflame. ‘I want Jael Furyck.’

Hakon was confused. ‘Jael Furyck? The Queen of Oss? You? You want her?’

‘I do. And when I help you take Ake Bluefinn’s throne, you will have an army at your command. An army strong enough and big enough to conquer the Slave Islands. And when you do, you will bring me that bitch. And I will have my revenge, for it is a thirst I must slake before Vasa comes to take me.’ She glanced at Hakon, salivating, not seeing the young lord anymore. In her mind, she held a knife, and that knife was carving a hole into Jael Furyck’s beating heart.

‘Who are you?’ Hakon wondered, his breath suddenly pumping before him in frosty waves. He shivered, wondering what the woman was doing to him. The warm chamber with its blazing fire had quickly turned as cold as ice.

‘You may call me Mother,’ she murmured, her weathered face breaking into a maniacal grin. ‘I am Mother Arnesson.’

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