Eye of the Wolf: Read Chapter One


This week I’m sharing Chapter One from my new book, Eye of the Wolf. The Prologue was intriguing, I hope, but Chapter One will give you more of a flavour of what the book is actually about.

I’ve had some questions, so here are some answers…

1) Is this series about Jael and co.?
Nope. But it’s set in the same world, in Alekka, and so everyone knows who Jael is, and if you’ve read the Prologue you’ll know that some character’s motivations revolve around her.

2) How many books will be in this series?
No idea, sorry. Everyone has an opinion about series length it seems, apart from me! I just write till things end. I have an inkling that this may be a shorter series, just because I’ve already got an idea brewing about the series after this!

3) Is this book as big as your previous books?
Yes. As I said above, I write till things come to a natural conclusion. I had thought I might try to write shorter books this time around, but I am a default big-book woman it seems. So yep, exactly the same size!

4) When will Book 2 in your new series be released?
I’m aiming for December. In fact, I’ve already started writing it! I was super keen to get going again with the characters, so before Christmas for sure. At which time I will fall into a heap as 2020 will have passed by without a break.

5) Will there ever be audiobooks, Amy?
I blimmin’ well hope so! I’ve done an audio test, and we have the equipment, so now it’s a matter of fine-tuning the sound and practising to get it right. The plan is to get an audiobook of Eye of the Wolf out first, then go back and record The Furyck Saga. Hmmm…. sounds like 2021 is going to be a bit busy too!

OK, so enjoy Chapter One. Leave some comments, or ask some questions.

And have a lovely weekend!


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