New things

I have a new website!

It’s been a year in the making, or, at least, a year of talking about making it. But with the arrival of the first Furyck Saga audiobooks, we finally forced ourselves to nail the new site. We, being my husband, who did it all, with some nagging direction and content from me.

I have written a new book!

Yes, indeed, Book Four in The Lords of Alekka has a complete first draft. That’s always a relief! I’m intrigued to read it through and see what happened as it ended up a bit of a blur in an epic 18,000 word last day marathon. So, this week, I will sit down and see what actually happened.

A lot. I know that for certain. One hell of a lot.

I had a lovely fan tell me that after finishing Vale of the Gods, they could finally take a breath, and I’ve a feeling that this new book will require you, dear reader, to hold your breath from start to finish!

So, yes, there’s a new website and a new book, and soon, a new cover too. Book Four is titled Heart of the King – make of that what you will! – and I shall send out an email when it’s up for pre-sale. So if that’s info you’d like to receive, then sign-up to my newsletter on my new website.



  • Ellen Swilley
    September 10, 2021

    Your books are quite unique and I absolutely love them. Your theme, the writing, the plots, and the subplot are wonderful. I can hardly wait for this next book. Do you have any other books that you may have written under another name?

  • Richard baxter
    April 22, 2022

    Wow….just finished book 3 of the lords of alekka. I thought that The Furyck Saga was the best fantasy I had read,and I have been reading this stuff for 50 years but now I am not so sure.these books have me excited every time I pick them please continue with the tales that you tell. Of to start book 4.thankyou.


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