The cover for book two!

Now, it was going to be called The Broken Vow. In fact book one was going to be called The Broken Vow, but The Burning Sea fits this story perfectly, and it certainly gives some pointers as to what goes down in this instalment….

When I’m not writing, I’m graphic designing with my husband, and these book covers have been such a fun project for us to undertake. We design the artwork together, but he’s the master artist and Photoshop guru who goes deep on detail, making swords and ships and maps and symbols. I’m putting him to work on illustrating some of the places and symbols in the books next, so I look forward to seeing what he comes up with.

Right, cover revealed. Hope you like it. Now, back to editing!

I simply cannot wait to get The Burning Sea knocked into shape as I’m already itching to get stuck into writing book three. I’ve left myself on a cliffhanger and am desperate to find out what happens next.

It’s like being a Game of Thrones fan and waiting for the new season to start. I honestly have no idea what’s going to happen next…




  • Paula Richardson
    September 18, 2017

    Love book 2 cover and the title. Burning Sea. Both capture the eye! Can’t wait to read! After reading Winters Fury I feel lost. Just can’t find anything to read that compares. When can we maybe expect Burning Sea to launch? I’m rereading Winters Fury to hold me over. Lol


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