The author, on holiday


Work-life balance for me is usually work-work balance, so it was with immense trepidation that I embarked on a holiday last week. I am not an unwinder. I find it impossible to stop thinking and doing, which makes me generally quite productive but thoroughly annoying to hang out with.

My holidays are usually go-go-go breaks, where it’s all about entertaining my children; running around after them, trying to keep the peace while avoiding the inevitable meltdown. Any thoughts of a little contemplative sightseeing or shopping that doesn’t involve a Lego store, go right out the window and my husband and I return home wrecked and dreaming of an actual holiday. So, I was a little nervous taking a trip to a resort where the only thing to do was nothing… just sit and swim and eat and drink and sleep.

And you know what… I did all of those things, and it was amazing. My children were content to splash about in the pool all day and only required to be fed at regular intervals and put to bed for a long sleep. And I got to listen to podcasts, read a book or two, and stuff my face with too many helpings of hot chips, all the while lying by the pool.

Who knew relaxing could actually be so… relaxing?


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