So my new book is out!

The Raven’s Warning, book five in The Furyck Saga, has just been released, and I’m so excited to see what everyone thinks. I live in such a writer’s bubble that it’s a nice change to pop my head up and get some feedback. Thanks to all of you who have already written reviews. It’s a great kick-start for a new book.

I am now going to step outside and see some sunshine, listen to the birds, and slump into a semi-conscious heap in a cushiony area. It’s winter here in Auckland, so I shall need a blanket draped over me. Perhaps a hot drink every few hours…

I may be there a long time.

Or at least for a few weeks until I start writing again!

Go read my new book and tell me what you think…

Very best wishes,



  • Andrea
    May 25, 2019

    I just started The Raven’s warning and can’t put it down. You have a rare talent for world building, character development and then making it all come to live. Love your books. I am not sure yet if this is the final book in this series but am drawing out reading it to finish because I don’t want it to end or even worse have to wait for the next book in this series. Thank you for imagining this series.

  • Dave Collier
    June 2, 2019

    The book is amazing as is the series…. sadly I can’t wait for book 6!

  • Sharon Osburn
    June 9, 2019

    I just finished The Raven’s Warning! Outstanding! I love it! Well I love all of them before too!!! Suspense! Intriguing! Unpredictable! Scary!
    I knew when I got to 75% there’d be another book. There was too much left to be unraveled & was hoping you didn’t cram it all in the last fourth of the book. I think you do a marvelous job with the many characters in your story and you keep them going & developing them. I am ready to read the next book so get to work! ?
    Best wishes and thanks for the great books!

  • Stephi
    June 18, 2019

    I’m not a writer, i cant even write a decent review that is clever and insightful, but i am an insatiable reader. The Furyck Saga is everything I love in a series. Right down to the length of the novels. It takes me roughly 600pgs to thuroughly invest in a character. needless to say I am hooked! I read the first 4 books one after another and only had to wait 2wks before the 5th was released. It was perfect timing. I will obviously have a bit of a wait for book 6 but I have decided to re-read the whole series over again. It is truly that good.
    I wait with patience and baited breath.

  • Adi Kogler
    June 30, 2019

    I’ve come to regard the characters as friends and family. I even worry about them while at work! Through your writing I feel I know each one intimately, even the evil ones. The only thing I dislike about your books is when they’re over.

  • Derek D Cook
    July 27, 2019

    I have read a lot of epic fantasy, and a lot of historical fiction. I’ve read most of the authors you say have influenced you. This saga vaults you squarely to the head table, quaffing mead with the best of them. You’ve built a wonderful world, and populated it with people I wouldn’t mind sharing a beer with (even the baddies…except Evaine *shudder*). Thank you for sharing this wonderful place and the characters that inhabit it. The only complaint I have is the amount of hours in sleep I’ve happily given up to read this amazing saga. Eagerly awaiting Book 6.

    Best wishes!


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