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Tomorrow marks the official start of writing book four in my Furyck Saga series. I’ve given my eyes a break over the last couple of weeks, eaten far too much chocolate, and I’m now ready to glue myself to my keyboard again. I was supposed to have plotted out what’s coming next, but as organised and geeky as I naturally am, I seem to rail against constructing a detailed outline for each book. I love a good plan, but sometimes I revel in seat-of-my-pants spontaneity, like getting married within three days of getting engaged. That’s my kind of thing (and yes, that did happen!). But at the same time, I have an overwhelming need to plan out the next five years of my life.

The curse of being a Gemini!

So, tomorrow you will find me nibbling on my barely there nails, wondering just what is going to happen next and searching for an inspiring soundtrack to get me in the mood for battles and dark magic and treacherous things. And, of course, I shall have to begin with a little refresher of how I left things in Night of the Shadow Moon…

Speaking of… want a teaser? Not a spoiler as I don’t ever want to spoil anything for those of you expectantly waiting for the book to come out next week. Yes, next week. Not long to go now!
Check it out below.


Night of the Shadow Moon (excerpt)

‘And?’ Jaeger hovered impatiently behind Morana as she sat at his table, pouring over the book.
Morana spun around, whipping him with her hair. ‘You must decide what you want. This book is powerful, and with it, you can create true destruction. But what is it that you wish to achieve first?’
Jaeger had thought that it would be obvious, but her question gave him pause. He walked towards the window, peering down to Hest’s charred harbour. The harbour with no ships. No piers.
He thought of his father. His brothers.
His wife.
‘I want to be king here,’ he said, turning around. ‘I cannot do anything until I am.’
‘You want to kill your father? Kill your brothers?’ Morana laughed. ‘You do not need this book for such insignificance. You can do that in many ways that require no magic at all!’
Jaeger frowned and walked back towards the table, leaning over the book.
‘You must desire more than that? Surely?’ she wondered carefully. ‘This book did not seek you out because you are a man of small ambition. A man meant to become just another forgotten Dragos prince. This book was meant for one worthy of its true, horrible darkness.’
Jaeger felt a violent throbbing in his chest, jerking in his limbs. The book was calling to him, drawing him in, demanding more of him.
Challenging him.
He cocked his head to one side. ‘What are you suggesting?’
‘You can become king here easily enough, but you must seek more for yourself and this kingdom. You must seek the destruction of all others so that Hest becomes the only kingdom in this land.’ Morana’s eyes were dark as she inhaled the ancient power of the book herself. ‘You have enemies, the ones who stole your wife, who humiliated you, burned your ships, cut your ankles, hurt your brothers. You must crush them all. But especially…’ Morana stopped and stared at Jaeger, ensuring he heard this most of all.
He wasn’t even breathing as he lost himself in her hypnotic eyes. ‘Especially?’
‘Especially, Jael Furyck. She is the one who will stand between you and all that you dream of. She is the one you must kill. For if she lives, you will not.’

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