Hallow Wood is out!

Hallow Wood, the fourth book in The Furyck Saga is out…

and things are really starting to get interesting now. You’ll find a lot of intriguing twists and turns in this book, and a lot is also revealed, so hopefully, that will make an exciting read for you. The more I write, the more excited I tend to get, and the ending to this book is rather breathless so do allow yourself a good run at it 😉


Now that I have a bit of free time on my hands before I start writing again, it gives me a little chance to get excited about something other than my own world of books. Here’s what I’m excited about right now:



I have just ordered Mission Impossible: Fallout on DVD. I loved that movie so much that I went back and watched every other Mission Impossible movie again. It was stunningingly good, and I still can’t get my head around the fact that Tom Cruise does his own stunts. The man has balls of steel!



It’s back for season four! Having read all of Diana Gabaldon’s books, and having watched all three previous series, this is a treat I can’t wait to enjoy. But, I’m determined to save up as many episodes as I can and then have a binge-watch like the true fan I am!



My bedside table has a stack of books waiting on me, as does my kindle. First cab off the rank will be the new CJ Sansom book, Tombland. I am super excited about this book as it’s been four years since his last offering and he’s one of my favourite authors. It’ll be nice to read words that aren’t mine for a change…!



That’s a weird thing for me to say. I dream of being snowed in and sitting around a roaring fire. If you’ve read my books, this will come as no surprise! But my garden has exploded with green things and the sky is bright blue and my local lake is filled with ducklings, so I’m actually excited about summer this year.

Happy reading!


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