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Mark of the Hunter: The Lords of Alekka (Book 1)

Mark of the Hunter is the second book in The Lords of Alekka: an enthralling new series from bestselling fantasy author, A.E. Rayne; set in the same world as The Furyck Saga and featuring a brand new cast of richly-woven characters and an exciting new adventure to get stuck into!

Sometimes it’s hard to see the truth…

‘How do you know so much, Grandfather?’
Alys was eleven. They sat at their table, shelling peas.
‘Me? Oh, well I’m old, you see. The old know many things, though the young are usually too busy to ask.’
‘You’re not that old.’
Jonas smiled. ‘I’m old enough to know some things. Your grandmother taught me a lot. She was a wise woman.’
Alys peered at him, seeing the sadness lurking behind his smile. They didn’t talk about her grandmother. They didn’t talk about her mother either.
Alys knew that.
She dropped her head, staring at the tiny green peas, glistening in their pod. And lifting it over the bowl, she scraped her finger under the peas, watching them slide into the bowl.
Jonas reached across the table, hand on her arm. ‘What use is knowledge if we never share it? That’s what Eida always said. Though some things make you unsafe. It’s better never to know about them. The darkness is not frightening if you don’t know what’s lurking in it…’
Frowning, Alys stared at him. ‘But what is lurking in it, Grandfather?’


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