Hallow Wood (Book 4)

Hallow Wood is the fourth book in The Furyck Saga : an action-packed epic fantasy series that weaves together an intricate web of characters and kingdoms, swords and warriors, dark magic and mystery that will leave you wanting more!

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Kings of Fate (Book 0)

Lothar the Usurper has stolen his brother’s throne. And now he squats upon it, thinking of how to get rid of his troublesome niece, Jael Furyck. Brekka’s most famous warrior. The one they thought would be queen after her father’s death.

Her presence hangs over him like an axe. A constant threat to his ambitions which stretch far beyond his already generous borders.

But when an unexpected visitor arrives in Andala, Lothar discovers a way to hurt Jael without ever getting his greedy hands dirty…

Across the Nebbar Straights, Eirik Skalleson must find his son a wife to secure the future of his kingdom, but Eadmund has ruined everything he has tried so far.

And now there is a woman, the daughter of an Alekkan lord.

A flame-haired, freckle-nosed, smiling woman. Perfect in every way. And yet Eirik’s dreamer daughter is worried.

Trouble, she says.

The woman is going to cause trouble…

Kings of Fate is a prequel to The Furyck Saga: a gripping epic fantasy series that takes you into a richly-woven world of warring kingdoms, mysterious dreamers, dark magic, and an ancient prophecy that emerges from the darkness to weave a dangerous web around them all.

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Night of the Shadow Moon (Book 3)

Jael’s desperation to save Eadmund from Evaine’s spell leads her back to the place of her nightmares, where she quickly discovers that she is trapped, and The Following is closing in. And as furious storms batter Osterland, and the kingdoms scramble to protect themselves from familiar enemies, the true danger emerges from the shadows, ready to destroy them all…

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The Burning Sea (Book 2)

As the kingdoms prepare for war, unexpected visitors and a horrifying murder, throw everyone’s plans into disarray.

Amidst the chaos, Jael must find a way to lead her warriors to victory against King Haaron and his sons, watching as Eadmund drifts away from her, powerless to save him.

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The Furyck Saga (Books 1 – 3)

The First Three Volumes in this action-packed epic fantasy series!

Enter a world of kingdoms and warriors, dreamers and dark magic. Follow an unstoppable warrior as she claws her way to power and uncovers the destiny that awaits her.
Despite her reputation as Brekka’s greatest warrior, without her father to protect her, Jael Furyck is merely a pawn; a woman to be married off, so her uncle can forge an alliance to fulfil his own desperate ambitions.

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The Raven’s Warning (Book 5)

The Raven’s Warning is the fifth book in the enthralling epic fantasy series, The Furyck Saga.

Escaping Hallow Wood with a wounded Thorgils, Aleksander and Jael find themselves stuck in Harstad, desperate to get the Book of Aurea back to Andala before the dragur find them again.

Waiting in Hest for Eadmund, Evaine is oblivious to everyone’s worry over Morana, who is showing little sign of recovering. Jaeger is panicking, knowing that without someone to read the Book of Darkness, they are defenseless, vulnerable to an attack from Draguta, should she return.

In Andala, the sickness has taken hold, and more and more people are being carried into the ship sheds each day. Helpless to contain it, Axl and Gant are working hard to repair the fort; making plans to meet the Vandaals; unaware that a new enemy has emerged to threaten them all.

And, still bound to Evaine, Eadmund is on his way to be reunited with her when he hears another voice in his head, calling to him…

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