Blood of the Raven teaser and also… Winter’s Fury audiobook sample!


I'm putting the finishing touches to Blood of the Raven now, and every time I read it through, I get really excited. I love the book so much, and I think it’s super exciting and fun and adventurous, mysterious, surprising and action-packed, so I simply can’t wait to get it out there! Here’s a wee teaser to introduce to some of the new characters we’ll be seeing in this book. And there are many!

Fire crackled.

Screams rose.

Tarl Brava smiled as he strode away from the hall, the chorus of panicked cries like a song in his ears. A beautiful melody, he thought, listening to the wood catch and the thatch burn, imagining what that hungry fire was doing to the villagers inside the hall.

He walked towards the two women standing in the darkness.

One wore a blood-stained white dress, a simple crown of flowers wrapped around her dark hair. The other lingered beneath the bough of an ancient ash tree, a hood shielding her face.

Tarl reached the woman in white, who was fighting to escape, restrained by two men; screaming and crying, begging for mercy.

Ignoring her pleas, he motioned for his men to release her.

She sprang forward as though freed from a trap, wanting to get past him, but Tarl was big, strong, and fast, and he had her in his arms before she could blink.

‘No!’ she sobbed, pulling against his hold, though his hands wrapped around her arms like claws of stone, and she couldn’t move. ‘I have to help them! No! Please! Please! You must help them!’

Tarl laughed, kissing her roughly, feeling her lithe body through her pretty white dress. And pushing her back, hands in her hair, he smiled. ‘Now, my sweet, we will be married!’

The screams of the dying rose into the night sky as he turned around, dragging the sobbing woman away from the burning hall.

Also, another gift! The audiobook for Winter’s Fury is releasing on 11th May, and Podium Press, who produce my audiobooks, have provided a sample for you to listen to. Fun fact: Finty, who performs the book, is the daughter of Dame Judi Dench, who I used as inspiration for Edela. So, life can be weirdly poetic. She’s so good and brings another dimension to the characters. Well worth a listen!

•  Click here to find it on Audible.

Click below to hear the sample

Have I got a pre-sale offer for you!

April 25, 2021

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