Night of the Shadow Moon



Well, technically tonight is the night of the ‘super blue blood moon’ (which took a long time to explain to my children this morning, who couldn’t quite understand why a blue moon would be red!), but the title of this post is actually the title of my new book!

So, as not to confuse you, coming mid-2018, look out on Amazon for Night of the Shadow Moon. Tonight, look out your window for the ‘super blue blood moon’!

I’m not a stay-up-late sort of person, but such an exciting night sky event hasn’t occurred for over 150 years, so I do feel a certain responsibility to pry my eyelids open long enough to witness it, perhaps with the help of a hot chocolate or two? With that sort of incentive, I may just manage it!

So, yes, book three is sitting on my computer, ready for stage two, which in our house is called, Goodbye Mum. That’s when I shut my office door and emerge three months later with more grey hair and wrinkles and a book that’s ready to publish! The editing process is long and not as much fun as the writing process, I admit, but they’re both just as important in producing something that’s enjoyable and exciting to read.

This is the third book in my Furyck Saga series, and as usual, I have written it by the seat of my pants. My husband/marketing guru guy tells me that it’s an official thing to be a ‘pantser’, which is someone, like me, who just goes for it, sans outline, with no idea how things will end up. And I confess that I literally had no idea where it would all go until the last few pages of the book, where it all came together (thank goodness!). It was a lot of fun, and I’m already thinking about what it means for book number four!

But first… all that editing and a moony inspired cover to design.

Next time I’ll give you a preview of what’s coming in Night of the Shadow Moon. So, if you haven’t finished Winter’s Fury and The Burning Sea yet, come on, get reading!

And happy moon watching tonight.


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  1. Yup read both books so far and thouroughly enjoyed them both. Looking forward to number 3 thankyou for so much enjoyment.


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